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Grootbos Foundation

Conserving biodiversity through developing sustainable, nature based livelihoods


Grootbos Foundation

growing the future student

The Grootbos Foundation, is a registered Section-21 Company (not for profit) which was established in 2004 to run the non-profit activities of Grootbos Nature Reserve, a unique destination world-renowned for its eco tourism near Cape Town, South Africa. Grootbos Nature Reserve is situated on the Agulhas Plain in the heart of the Cape fynbos lowlands, a region of unprecedented biodiversity value, under extreme human pressures. Effective conservation of this, and our other unique natural areas, will only be possible if they can earn their keep. By this we mean that ways need to be found to deliver better financial returns from natural fynbos and marine landscapes rather than farmed or developed landscapes. Natural resources also need to be made more accessible to the poor so that all people can be educated about their uniqueness and inherent value. The story of Grootbos and its Foundation is a good news story that is tackling these very issues of responsible tourism and social upliftment from a beautiful nature reserve in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom.